Hillman Shrimp & Oyster Company, Inc. Teams Up with PanaPesca USA Corp. to Offer One-Stop Seafood Category Solutions

Hillman Shrimp & Oyster Company, Inc., established in 1978, has announced it will now be entering into a marketing partnership with PanaPesca USA Corp. The partnership will combine each company’s industry leading brands and provide fully-integrated market coverage, product variety and unparalleled customer support.

Hillman is most well-known for pioneering the advanced post-harvest processed (PHP) cryogenically frozen IQF half shell oysters, as well as other products such as IQF half shell scallops and clams, breaded oysters and shucked oyster meats. The Hillman process provides consumers with a safer and fresher oyster by reducing Vibrio vulnificus bacteria to non-detectable levels, while at the same time preserving the oyster in its natural unaltered form.

PanaPesca USA Corp. is a leading marketer of clams, mussels, calamari, scallops and a variety of other shellfish and finfish. The company is part of Pana International and PanaPesca, S.P.A., based in Montechitini, Italy. With offices in Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Monaco, Argentina, Thailand and the U.S., PanaPesca has plants or supply partnerships in all of the major seafood producing countries, and serve as a direct source for a wide assortment of seafood items.

“This partnership will enable our valued customers to take advantage of single sourcing for nearly all major shellfish categories while enjoying the proven quality benefits for which PanaPesca and Hillman are known,” said Steve Hillman, vice president of Hillman.

Effective immediately, all orders and sales support for both Hillman and PanaPesca products will be handled through PanaPesca’s corporate headquarters in Pembroke, Mass.

“PanaPesca shares the Hillman family’s commitment to excellence,” noted Sam Barrington, vice president of PanaPesca USA Corp. “Their shellfish line is a great addition and improves our ability to support the requirements of our customers.”

PanaPesca remains committed to providing their customers with superior value by producing and supplying innovative seafood packs and products that perform consistently every time. Hillman will continue to focus on being the top producer of their industry leading oyster products while enjoying the broader sales support that PanaPesca can provide. To learn more about PanaPesca, visit